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Thinking of setting up a store but you don`t have enough capital?

Looking for excellence and want to have a name in the market!!

Confused about how to market your brand in new and creative ways?

Thinking of creating an application to facilitate buying and selling? 




One Day Ecommerce

Get a premium store with a nominal price and start selling your products

Download the application from the Google Play or Apple Store through the following link to preview the general appearance of your own application that you will get after building your store:

Google Play:


Apple Store:





What kind of stores you can build with One Day? 

OneDay Ecommerce supports by default all kinds of physical stores like Food Stores, Fashion Stores, Furniture Stores, Electronics Stores ... etc. 

It also supports service stores applications such as Catering Services, Real Estate Selling and Renting, Taxi Requests, Appointment Reservation Services, Legal Services ... etc. 

In addition to supporting custom stores that need special features that are not available by default in the One Day Ecommerce. 


How to build your store for free?

1- Create your free account through the link:


Then activate the account through the link sent to your registered mail

2- Log in to your account via the login link:


3- Download the application for managing your own store for free from the application store or by clicking the download button in the link:


4- Start building and defining your store details, You can define more than one store in the same application

5- Define the store`s categories, sections and units of measurement

6- Define the products, the prices and the available options for each product

7- Pay the service fee

8- Get your apps





  • Get your app from Apple and Google stores in just two days
  • Modify the application themes to fit your store identity
  • Support any e-payment method you choose
  • We provide you with the option to market your products on social media platforms
  • Providing the option to link with a group of specialized transport and delivery companies
  • Free cloud hosting
  • Store and product management system
  • Customer and sales management system with reports and charts of your sales performance
  • Multiple language support
  • API integration system
  • Free technical support




Service Fees

  • Less than 150 monthly orders: 21$ monthly subscription/store
  • Between 150 - 500 monthly orders: 35$ monthly subscription/store 
  • More than 500 monthly orders: 65$ monthly subscription/store 

Log in and pay the fees by selecting the e-commerce license item from the link:


After completing the payment process, a customer service representative will contact you automatically to complete the necessary within 48 hours.




Easy API Integration

Using One Day Cloud API, the developers can save their time and use the pre-designed APIs.


The Ecommerce apps also have built on One Day Cloud Platform, and have their own API to allow the developers to integrate the Ecommerce apps with other systems.


For more information, please visit the Ecommerce API Developers Manual: 

Ecommerce API for Developers 


or you can visit the General One Day Cloud Platform API Developers Manual:

One Day Cloud API for Developers 


With OneDay eCommerce, Easily create your own online store.


Terms & Conditions

  • The customer is responsible for creating his own Apple & Google Developer Accounts in addition to pay the associated subscription fees
  • The customer is responsible for defining his app's data like Store Categories, App Categories, Products, Units and the rest of Master Data
  • The customer is responsible for preparing the required information to complete the apps submitted to the stores like App Name, Summary, Description, Images in multiple sizes according to the supported sizes 
  • The customer is responsible for providing the API Keys for the integrated services like Google Maps & Push Notifications Keys and any related keys.
  • The customer should grant the appropriate access to OneDay Team to submit the apps to the stores
  • One Day will submit 2 apps (Android & IOS) to developer accounts provided by the customer (for one time)
  • The provided free apps will support only the Smart Phones Size (don't support Tablets and other Smart Devices) but it can be supported for an additional fee 
  • OneDay is not responsible for the approval delay or the rejection of the apps by Apple or Google
  • OneDay Team can help the customer in creating the developer accounts, submitting & following apps approval for an additional fee
  • The delivered apps will be identical to the app's demo (explained above with their links)
  • The customer has the right to request the following changes for free: App Name, Icon, Splash Screen Image, Logo, Main Colors in addition to the Privacy & Terms Links, to fit his identity
  • Any additional service, development or customization can be done for an additional fee
  • Payment Gateway and Delivery Integrations, in addition to the Products Marketing are considered as additional paid features




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