This is a Support Agreement between the (“Service Provider” or "OneDay Web Services LTD") and "User" who use website or any other platform apps like Mobile, Windows or IOS, and any of its products or services (collectively, "Website", “Apps” or "Services").

This document identifies the support procedures of our services


“Issue” means a failure of the “Application” to substantially conform to the functional specifications set forth in the Documentation. “Response Time” means the time period in which the assigned support resource (or support system) shall provide Customer with an initial technical response as a result of an Issue reported by Customer. “Support” means the support services to be provided by the Service Provider to the Customer in accordance with this Addendum.

Support Communication Channels

Phone: +90 539 6886433

Website Contact us form:

Website Live Chat:

WhatsApp: +90 539 6336433

Facebook Page Messenger:

Support Business Hours:

Sunday – Thursday: 9 AM – 5 PM


Our Support consists of assistance provided to customers via the Internet with respect to the use of the Application and to resolve issues.

Support cases are tracked and managed through access to one of our support channels managed by Service Provider’s support center

Our Support is available during the mentioned business hours, excluding local holidays.

Severity Classification and Response Time Goals.

Issues are classified by Service Provider according to severity of impact on the use of the Application, according to the chart below. All disputes regarding severity classification will be resolved by Service Provider in its sole discretion.

Support Response Time Goals

1- Production system is down, impacting all applications and associated business systems: 4 business hours

2- Production system performance is degraded, but operational; Issue affects essential functions; or Issue is blocking critical systems tests or deliverables: 1 business day

3- General product questions relating to development, feature issues, or Documentation: 2 business days

Obligations of Customer

Support Contact.

All communications relating to Support will be supervised, coordinated, and undertaken by no more than two (2) designated contact persons who will act as a point of contact between Customer and Service Provider. Each contact must possess or, at Customer’s expense, acquire the necessary expertise and training to diagnose and resolve Issues with direction by Service Provider.

Pre-Call Procedures

Prior to requesting Support from Service Provider, the Customer shall comply with all published operating and troubleshooting procedures for the Application. If such efforts are unsuccessful in eliminating the Issue, the Customer shall then promptly notify the Service Provider of the Issue. Customer shall confirm that the following conditions are true before contacting Service Provider for


a) Reproduction. If possible, the situation giving rise to the Issue is reproducible in a single supported Application;

b) Support Representative. The Customer contact has the technical knowledge regarding the Application and any other software or hardware systems involved, and in the facts and circumstances surrounding the Issue;

c) Access. The entire system, including all software and hardware, is available to the Customer contact without limit during any communication with Service Provider support personnel;

d) Availability. If requested and required, the Customer must make available to Service Provider a technical representative during support hours of coverage for all Issues. Service Provider reserves the right to suspend all work relating to any Issues during periods for which the Customer does not provide access to a technical representative or requested data to continue work on the Issue.

Remote Connection

Customer will cooperate with Service Provider to allow and enable Service Provider to perform Support via remote connection using standard, commercially available remote-control software. Customer will be solely responsible for instituting and maintaining proper security safeguards to protect Customer’s systems and data.


Customer acknowledges and agrees that SaaS services updates provided by Service Provider pursuant to this Addendum may, in Service Provider’s sole discretion, require additional training of Customer’s personnel / paid training Disclaimer. Service Provider will not be responsible to provide support, updates, or any other maintenance and support to the extent that Issues arise because Customer:

(a) misuses, improperly use, misconfigured, alters, or damages the Application;

(b) use the Application with any hardware or software not recommended by Service Provider;

(c) uses the Application at any unauthorized location;

(d) fails to install an update to the Application if such update would have resolved the Issue;

(e) otherwise uses the Application in a manner not in accordance with the SaaS Subscription Agreement.



Customer may purchase supplemental professional services for an additional fee. Fees related to such services will be set forth in a statement of work signed by both parties. If no fee is stated, then services will be provided at Service Provider’s standard rate for equivalent services in effect at the time the statement of work is executed. a) On-Site Services. Customer may purchase on-site Support. b) Training. Customer may purchase training services with respect to the Application. c) Consulting. Customer may purchase consulting services related to defects caused by Issues other than the Application. Out of Pocket Expenses. Customer shall pay all reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred by Service Provider, including costs for meals, lodging, and travel related to these additional services.

Updated: June 2, 2020.

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